10 Big Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Every couple goes into a marriage hoping that it will be a lifelong union. The reality is that this is not always the case. Divorce in Canada has been on the rise in the past few years. If you are facing a divorce, then contact one of our divorce lawyers in Newmarket.

Divorce is rarely pleasant, but certain actions and decisions can worsen the situation.

Here are 10 big mistakes that many Canadian couples make before, during and after a divorce.


1. Excessive Generosity

There are many cases where either the man or the woman wants a divorce, not both. In other words, one party would prefer to remain married.

This reluctant spouse may be too generous in sharing property, etc., as an attempt to woo his/her partner back into the union.

The danger is that they could find themselves with the shorter end of the stick at the end of the process.

2. Oral Agreements

Spouses try to take advantage of each other during the divorce period, especially if one party is devastated.

The more cunning partner can make all kinds of promises via phone calls, emails or text messages. Agreements through such means will not hold up in court.

3. Making Emotional Decisions

Granted, a divorce can be emotionally devastating. As a result, it’s easy to make decisions out of anger and sorrow.

It is important to remember that this phase will pass, but the decisions you make during this period will have a lasting impact. Both parties should, therefore, remain objective and sane.

4. Not Communicating

Hate is a real emotion during the divorce period.

As such, it’s common for both parties to hate communicating with each other—opting to use their attorneys instead. Just remember that doing so will end up costing both of you a lot more money and time.

5. Approaching ‘Legal Experts’ in the Family

It’s not wise to seek legal advice from relatives or friends, because they are not likely to be objective. Biased advice is not something you need when undergoing a divorce. Only go to family for support.

6. Focusing on the Present

As mentioned, divorce is a phase. It will pass. It is not going to do you any good to focus all your energy and time on the process.

Think about the future and how you want your life to be after it’s all over. Do not quit your job or shut down your business just because you’re getting divorced.

7. Rushing Things

Don’t rush your divorce simply because you want to ‘get it over and done with’. You need to be attentive to every detail and remain focused. Weigh every decision before making it.

8. Leaving it All to the Attorney

Your divorce attorney is there to guide you through the divorce process, not take control of everything. You need to remember that your future is at stake, not your lawyer’s. So stay involved to the very end.

9. Stalking Your Partner

You need to understand that after the divorce is over, you and your partner are done.

Yes, you should be communicating from time to time, there is a need to establish boundaries. Don’t start following them around to find out what they are doing or who they are seeing. Such actions will complicate matters.

10. Sleeping Together

Sleeping together during or after the divorce will severely complicate matters for the two of you. You both need to let go of all emotions that bind you from moving on.

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