The 3 Suprising Benefits of Divorce

The Suprising Benifits of Divorce

Most people don’t associate divorce with anything positive. In fact, they likely think only of the emotional pain and financial loss that can result from the process. What you might not know is that divorce can bring some surprising benefits. We’ve identified three of them — keep reading to learn more.

You’ll Be Happier

In July 2013, researchers at London’s Kingston University published an astonishing finding: women are significantly happier after their divorce for up to five years than they were while married. In fact, they were even more upbeat than their own baseline happiness levels throughout their lives.

While the research suggests that women are better at bouncing back from negative events than men, the sense of liberation is true for both genders. A relationship full of conflict takes a toll. Following a divorce, those stressful conditions are gone, allowing people to feel more contentment.

Your Health Will Improve

An unhappy marriage could actually be bad for your physical and mental health. In 2005, scientists published the results of a study showing the negative effects of marital stress on wound healing. Couples who had fought didn’t heal as quickly as people who got along better with their spouses.

The 2005 study backs up several other examples of scientific research that postulates how unhealthy it is when you’re in an unhappy relationship. After divorcing, you’ll feel better because you’ll no longer be constantly fighting.

Your Next Marriage Will Be Stronger

Just because you’ve gone through one divorce doesn’t mean that you’re destined for a lifetime of unhappy relationships. In fact, your second marriage might have a better outcome as a result of your divorce.

In 2013, the Marriage Foundation published the results of a study on first and second marriages. The report stated less than a third of second marriages end in divorce. People marrying a second time are usually more mature and experienced, and they’re ready to make a commitment.

Facing Divorce or Separation?

Ending a marriage is never easy. Unfortunately, the most complex cases can drag on for months or even years. A divorce lawyer is going to help you navigate the complicated and frustrating legal process of divorce, which is invaluable during this often stressful period in your life.

At Galbraith Family Law, we know that soon-to-be ex-spouses have a difficult road ahead, and we have helped countless men and women sort things out as smoothly and painlessly as possible.  If you want to learn more about divorce options, or you need legal representation, contact us today, and start reaping the benefits of divorce.


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