These 4 Things Make Every Divorce Harder

These Things Make Every Divorce Harder

While every divorce is different, there are some issues that commonly complicate proceedings and make the process more difficult to handle. Here are a few of the common factors that make divorces harder:

1. Financial Challenges

Wealthcare for Women warns that money is also going to be an issue. How much of a problem it will be will depend on several things, including how organised your finances are, how many assets are in both of your names, what your debt situations are, and whether you are both honest about what you have. You may have to work together more than you’d like, including possibly looking at your taxes for the previous year.

2. Kids

While your children may be the best things that came out of your relationship, they can also make the process of splitting up (and the time afterward) more complicated and painful. Explaining the situation to your kids can be hard enough; after that, you have to figure out how to help your kids through the experience of having divorced parents, when you will get to see them, who pays child support and how much, and how to handle the rest of your lives as exes and co-parents.

When you have children with your former partner, your ex usually remains a significant part of your life (if they don’t, that’s a whole other problem). While trying to remain civil can be hard, it’s the best thing for your children. Even if your ex is destructive enough that having them out of your life and your children’s lives is the best solution, talking negatively about them will only cause emotional damage for your children. This divorce is hard in some way for all of you, but if you can minimize the conflict your children are involved in, everything will work out better.

Your children will need a lot of support at a time when you are feeling vulnerable, and you will have to manage the consequences of your divorce for other people more than you would if you didn’t have children. Utah State University says that “Divorce generally puts children at greater risk for many kinds of problems”, though if you work with your kids on possible problems, maintain a loving relationship with your kids, and keep your issues with your ex out of your relationship with your children (within reason), you can help reduce the effects of your divorce.

3. Lack of Social Support

Whether it’s the loss of your life partner, the potential division of friends between you, or family members who don’t understand your decision, you’re going to be dealing with unpleasant shifts in your social life. You may be faced with a lot of betrayals, whether by a cheating spouse or people in your life who won’t support your decision.

Remember that you know why you are moving on and that this decision was necessary for you to make. And if people in your life don’t approve, that is them being unfair. Depending on your relationships with such people, you may want to talk to them and firmly explain that you need to do this, or you may just need to keep a safe distance until you feel capable of engaging with them.

4. The Emotional Factor

This one is fairly obvious, but it’s worth acknowledging. A lot of the challenges of the divorce process arise from the challenges of dealing with a complicated legal situation and changing life circumstances while dealing with the disintegration of a very significant personal relationship. This state of emotional turmoil can make practical concerns seem harsh.

Want to Make Divorce Less Stressful?

Divorce can be stressful, but what’s even more stressful is going through a divorce without help from a divorce lawyer to help you navigate the complicated and frustrating legal process of divorce.

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