5 Things Divorced People Love About Their New Lives

Things Divorced People Love About Their New Lives

When you think about divorce, the word “happiness” probably isn’t the first word that springs to mind. However, divorce can actually make people more content and optimistic. Read on to learn more about the things divorced people love about their new lives.

A Sense of Liberation

Some people feel chained to their spouses. And that’s not a pleasant circumstance to endure. If your husband or wife is controlling or domineering, it might seem as though you have to ask permission for every little thing you want to do.

Going through a divorce liberates you from that situation. You no longer have to ask permission for what you want — you can simply do it.

Less Conflict

Most couples get divorced because their relationship is full of conflict. It’s an unhappy situation for everyone involved.

Divorce can put an end to that conflict. If you’re no longer with that person engaging each other day-to-day, you’re no longer fighting about everything.

Getting to Know Yourself Better

Being part of a couple changes your identity. You’re no longer “I” — you’re one-half of “we.”

After a divorce, you go back to “I” again. That’s not such a bad thing, though, especially if you spent a lot of time during your marriage ignoring your needs and focusing on those of your spouse. Divorce gives you a chance to rediscover the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with — yourself.

You Know What You Want Out of Life and Love

Sometimes, it takes being in a bad relationship to learn how to be in a good one. That bad relationship can teach you that you don’t have to stay unhappy forever.

A miserable marriage can also show you what’s really important in life. And one of those things might be that it’s better to be happy and alone than together and wretched.

You’ll Go on to Better Things

There are people who believe in soulmates. Just because you’ve gotten a divorce doesn’t mean that you’ll never find your soulmate — it just means the person you were with wasn’t it.

Divorced people go on to get remarried, and many of their second relationships last longer than their first. You’re not doomed to unhappiness because you’re divorced — far from it.

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