Do I Need a Family Lawyer to Adopt a Stepchild in Ontario?

Our family lawyers in Newmarket, Collingwood, Orillia, Midland, Muskoka and Barrie have helped numerous people unify their families through the adoption of a stepchild.

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Do you need a family lawyer?

Yes, it certainly helps. We will help you complete a series of legal documents culminating in a day at family court where the judge pronounces the adoption complete.

If adopting a child who is a grandchild or stepchild, you do not need to go through the Children’s Aid Society or an adoption agency, but you need to apply to the court for an adoption order.

If you’re not receiving any financial support for your child from a previous spouse you’re separated or divorced from, this can be an important step. If you enter a new relationship with someone who does want to contribute to your child’s life, this is something you should strongly consider. Having your new partner legally adopt the child will terminate your former partner’s legal relationship and obligations.

This ensures that if something were to happen to you, the child (or children) will be left in the care of someone who wants (and has the means) to provide for them.

This also has a decisive psychological effect on the child and your entire family, as it adds to a sense of stability and belonging.

If you have any questions about adopting a stepchild, please don’t hesitate to speak with one of our family lawyers. Any of our experienced Newmarket divorce lawyers and Orillia family lawyers would be glad to assist you in whatever way possible.

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