Can I Really Afford Divorce Lawyer Fees?

Can I Really Afford Divorce Lawyer Fees

Divorce is never easy. Stressing over how you’re going to pay your lawyer just makes matters worse. But, in this article we will show you that there is no reason to be concerned about divorce lawyer fees.

Contested or Uncontested

The actual fee depends on whether or not the divorce is contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce typically costs less because there is less attorney involvement. Both parties agree to the stipulations of the divorce and things go smoothly.

Currently, the Canadian Legal Resource Centre indicates that divorce lawyer fees for an uncontested case averages $1,043. Fees for a contested case average $9,989. As you can see, that represents a huge difference. Additional fees include things such as:

  • Mediation
  • Financial audits
  • Phone calls
  • Discoveries
  • Appraisals

It’s extremely important to ask about added charges BEFORE you hire legal representation. Of course, unexpected charges may still come up. However, if you have a ballpark figure going in, it helps to reduce the element of surprise.

Oftentimes, two lawyers are a necessity in contested cases. What this means is that fees basically double. If possible, this is something you want to avoid.

According to the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, at the time of this writing, court fees are due when the divorce application is filed. Additional fees are due when the affidavit is filed. Expect this to be roughly $450.

Maintain Good Spending Habits

Some people tend to over-spend while going through a divorce, due primarily to depression or anxiety.  But, all this money spent on immediate relief could be better spent by putting it toward a divorce attorney. Hiring a divorce attorney will help you get a fair outcome of your divorce. In addition, with the help of a divorce lawyer, much of the stress associated with divorce will be alleviated.

Don’t let questions in regard to divorce lawyer fees cause you undue stress. At Galbraith Family Law, we have an expert team of staff and divorce lawyers in Newmarket, Barrie & Orillia available to discuss your options and fee concerns. Start by requesting a consultation today.

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