Canadian Celebrity Breakups & Divorces

Top Canadian movie stars are having more than their fair share of difficulty staying together.

Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling may be getting back with fellow Canadian Rachel McAdams. This is after reports that Gosling and model Eva Mendes have split. Gosling, 33, is from London and still lives in Ontario.

While Gosling has never married, longtime fans in Canada viewed his common-law relationship to McAdams — between 2005 and 2007 — as a match made in Canadian heaven.

If the fans have their wish, Gosling will hopefully tie the knot with McAdams, if they are indeed back together and dating again.

Gosling has gone on record stating that McAdams is “one of the great loves of my life.”

Here are some other Eh-list Celebrities, whose marriage also ended in divorce.

Will Arnett Gets Chippy

Popular Canadian actor Will Arnett announced his divorce from comedian Amy Poehler last year. Arnett said the most difficult part of the couple’s well-publicized breakup was the impact on the couple’s two young sons, Archibald and Abel.

In 2014 he stated his divorce from Poehler “still hurts.”

Arnett’s divorce from Poehler was not his first. He married actress Penelope Ann Miller in 1994 and then divorced her a year later in 1995. They cited career difficulties and differences.

Arnett grew up in Toronto and now lives in Los Angeles. He is still a big fan of local sports teams. Arnett also joked that he may not get married again after “one too many a chippy.”

A “chippy” is popular hockey slang in Canada for getting very irritated with another person to the brink of fighting.

Reynolds Accused of Messing About

Another top Canadian has been in the news for his marriage with his “Green Lantern” co-star Blake Lively.

Ryan Reynolds, 37, is still officially married to Lively, after tying the knot in 2012. But, the Hollywood rumour mill still hounds Reynolds for his on and off engagement to Alanis Morissette.

Reynolds ended his relationship with Morissette back in 2008. He secretly married actress Scarlett Johansson during a 2008 ceremony in Tofino, British Columbia. However, Reynolds divorced Johansson just two years later when he was reportedly seeing Morissette again.

Love Will Keep us Together

While the famed “Captain and Tennille” are Americans, they have kept a home in Vancouver, British Columbia, for nearly 40 years.

Toni Tennille, 73, filed for divorce last year from her singing partner and husband of 39 years Daryl Dragon, 71.

The couple is best known for their hit single “Muskrat Love.” They wrote it in their Vancouver home after Tennille complained of seeing muskrats around their property.

The Captain and Tennille also recorded “Love Will Keep Us Together” back in 1975 when they were first married. The duo performed at Canadian venues more than 100 times during their long singing and concert career.

Yes Man, Says No to More Marriages

Famed Canadian funnyman and actor Jim Carrey has been married and divorced twice. So, the star said he decided to not marry former girlfriend Jenny McCarthy because his previous marriages, “Did not last very long.”

Carrey was seen with McCarthy in 2014, but McCarthy told media watchers, “Jim and I are just good friends.”

Carrey was married to actress Melissa Womer for seven years. Carrey also married movie star Lauren Holly in 1996, but their marriage lasted just a year.

Carry once joked that it is very difficult for Canadians to stay married “for any length of time.”

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