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Child Custody

mother who pays child support

Divorce & Child Support – What you need to know

What is child support? How is it determined? What does it cover? Do I need to pay my ex-spouse child […]

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close up of gavel in family court

What to Expect Before You Go to Family Court

Our team at Galbraith Family Law firmly believes it is best to resolve family law matters outside of the courtroom. […]

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a single mother with child custody

Changes to the Canadian Divorce Act, Effective March 2021

Last year, it was announced by Parliament that there would be significant changes to the Divorce Act. However, due to […]

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A mother with full child custody of her daughter

How to get 100% parenting rights of your child

Please note, as of March 2021, the definitions of ‘custody’ and ‘custody order’ in subsection 2(1) of the Divorce Act […]

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a father who co-parents his daughter

How to successfully co-parent with your ex

One of the biggest concerns separating or divorcing couples have is what will happen to their children. You have thought […]

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mother with full child custody of her son

Custody battles and your kids – what you need to know

Deep down, we all want what is best for our children. But when it comes to child custody disputes, do […]

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