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Child Support

Child Support Guidelines and New Living Arrangements - Galbraith Family Law

Child Support Guidelines and New Living Arrangements

As a rule of thumb, children are entitled to support payments as an established legal right. Though payments are typically […]

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child feeling alienated from his parents during a divorce or separation

How to Spot Signs of Parental Alienation in Your Family

Parental Alienation is harmful to children. The negative impact of alienation may include depression, substance abuse, low self-esteem, self-hatred, guilt, […]

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Man squatting on a submerging dock off the side of a midwest lake

Is This Your First Summer After a Divorce?

If this is your first summer after a divorce, you probably have mixed emotions. You may be sad, clinging to […]

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Divorced mother picking up her son watching her ex husband saying goodbye

The Effects of Divorce on Children That Nobody Talks About

They don’t often show you this on TV, but here’s a fact: Divorce may actually be good for your kids. […]

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how to file for divorce in Canada

How to File For Divorce in Ontario

You’ve tried reason. You’ve tried reconciliation. But your marriage is beyond saving for one reason, or a number of reasons, […]

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Happy couple drinking coffee while the woman is laying on her boyfriend's lap

Understanding Canada’s Common Law Rules and Human Rights

If you’re a believer in love without marriage, you may eventually tread the nebulous legal landscape of common-law unions. The […]

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