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Child Support

Pregnant baby Momma

Challenges Protecting the Children of “Baby Mommas”

Brenda Shapiro, a lawyer in Florida, submitted the following article to me about how in the USA there are provisions […]

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Small business owner Determining Income for Support

Determining Income for Support Purposes

Determining income is the first step toward determining the proper level of child support and spousal support. This is easy […]

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Financial statment paperwork

Purpose and Requirements For a Sworn Financial Statement in a Divorce

Everyone hates having to do a sworn financial statement. This is a court form used in Ontario to list your […]

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Man removing gold wedding ring from his hand after separation

The Importance of the Date of Separation in a Divorce

Do you remember the day you separated? How did it happen? Was a note left or an email sent to […]

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Child support hearing paperwork with pen

How to Change Child Support in Barrie, Ontario

In Ontario, child support can be changed if there is a change in circumstances such as a change in income […]

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Father in a suit with green tie holding his baby son

$150,000 Per Month Paternity Suit

Can you imagine receiving $150,000 per month, tax-free? Karen Sala certainly could and sued Keanu Reeves hoping he would be […]

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