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Galbraith Family Law Blog

Children’s Rights

The Legal Challenges Faced by Transgender Parents in Canada

Transgender parents face unique legal challenges when it comes to family law matters in Canada. From custody battles to adoption, […]

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mother holding her child while thinking about divorce

Divorce & Your Child – What you need to know

How will divorce affect your child? At what age is it best to tell your children you are getting a […]

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Child in an abuse crisis situation with grandparents

Grandparents, Child Abuse Crisis and the Pandemic

Having practiced child protection law for over 30 years, I am extremely alarmed by the abuse crisis that has emerged […]

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Child wondering if they'll go to school or be homeschooled

Should You Send Your Child to School or Do Homeschooling: A Legal Perspective

A hot issue debated by parents is whether to send their children to school or have them do home-schooling. Once […]

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technology in the Ontario Family courts

Covid-19: Now’s the time to use technology in the Ontario Family courts

With Covid-19 our family courts have virtually ground to a halt. Yet, Skype has been readily available for many years […]

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child feeling alienated from his parents during a divorce or separation

How to Spot Signs of Parental Alienation in Your Family

Parental Alienation is harmful to children. The negative impact of alienation may include depression, substance abuse, low self-esteem, self-hatred, guilt, […]

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