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Children’s Rights

Child on first Christmas after parents divorce

Your First Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzza Since Divorce? Ugh.

Are you dreading Christmas? Will it be your first special holiday since your separation?  Are you depressed about not having […]

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Rainbows - giving children and teen the guidence to grieve and grow after loss.

Kids in Divorce. What Do They Need?

Here is a link to a fantastic set of articles about children and divorce. It includes the following: What children of […]

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Computer Game for Children of Divorce called Changeville

Computer Game for Children of Divorce: Changeville

There is a new website for kids whose parents are going through a divorce. It’s called Changeville.  It teaches kids what […]

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Step-parent with family happy to have adoption go through

Joy, Love and Happiness in Barrie Family Court: Step-Parent Adoption

Family Court in Barrie was filled with joy, happiness and love today. No, I am not intoxicated or otherwise delusional! […]

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H1N1 vaccine

Deciding Whether to Vaccinate for H1N1

We are experiencing a pandemic of H1N1 influenza worldwide. As a result, governments around the world are asking everyone to […]

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Nancy Newton of Rainbows

Interview with Nancy Newton of Rainbows

Nancy Newton is the Executive Director of Rainbows. It is described on their website as “an international not-for-profit organization that […]

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