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Galbraith Family Law Blog


Understanding Shared vs. Equal Parenting in Ontario Family Law

In the intricate landscape of family law, the terms “shared parenting time” and “equal parenting time” often surface during negotiations […]

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a mother who pays child support after divorce

Divorce & Child Support – What you need to know

What is child support? How is it determined? What does it cover? Do I need to pay my ex-spouse child […]

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mother holding her child while thinking about divorce

Divorce & Your Child – What you need to know

How will divorce affect your child? At what age is it best to tell your children you are getting a […]

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Father holding out hand for child

How child support works in Ontario

The most sensitive and serious problems you may encounter during your separation or divorce revolve around what will happen to […]

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A single mother outside playing with her child and tossing him in the air while child is smiling

Changes to the Canadian Divorce Act, Effective March 2021

Last year, it was announced by Parliament that there would be significant changes to the Divorce Act. However, due to […]

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Child in an abuse crisis situation with grandparents

Grandparents, Child Abuse Crisis and the Pandemic

Having practiced child protection law for over 30 years, I am extremely alarmed by the abuse crisis that has emerged […]

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