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Collaborative Divorce

Helping children get through divorce emotionally

How Can We Help Our Children Emotionally Get Through Our Divorce?

Every parent going through a divorce wants to minimize the emotional pain and struggle for their children. The challenge is […]

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Father sitting with his two children wondering how to tell his children about getting divorced

How Do We Tell Our Children We Are Divorcing?

Are you dreading the idea of having to tell your children that their parents are divorcing? Do you want to […]

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Clip art bar chart with magnifying glass looking at Divorce rate statistics in Canada

What is the Divorce Rate in Canada?

How often has someone said to you “Isn’t it amazing how many people are getting divorced these days? The divorce […]

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Donna Ferber

A Good Divorce Can Fix a Family

Psychotherapist, author and speaker, Donna Ferber wrote an excellent blog called “Is There Such a Thing as a Good Divorce?”  I […]

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Linda L. Piff

How Collaborative Practices Saves Money in NJ and Ontario

Linda L. Piff, a respected lawyer and blogger in New Jersey, writes in her blog, reproduced below, that Collaborative Practice […]

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Anne-Marie Langan

Do You Really Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Many people who are separating want to avoid paying legal fees as they feel they cannot afford a lawyer. While […]

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