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Collaborative Divorce

A single mother outside playing with her child and tossing him in the air while child is smiling

Changes to the Canadian Divorce Act, Effective March 2021

Last year, it was announced by Parliament that there would be significant changes to the Divorce Act. However, due to […]

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A marriage certificate being cut in half by scissors

A simple guide on the divorce process in Ontario

Going through a divorce can be overwhelming. It can be hard to admit that your marriage has ended and that […]

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Wife talking to her husband about divorce over coffee

Steps to Take When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want a Divorce

When you and your spouse got married, you were both equally excited about starting a new life together. You certainly […]

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Unhappy couple - questions about divorce

5 frequently asked questions about divorce

Divorce is more than just falling out of love with your partner, it is the end of a legal contract […]

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African American family of three discussing divorce while sitting on the grass in a park during the summer

How to help your kids through a divorce

One of the most difficult steps of the divorce process is having to tell your children about your separation. Many […]

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Couple sitting next to each other discussing separation agreements

5 things to think about when creating a separation agreement

So, you and your partner have decided to go your separate ways. Falling out of love with someone is never […]

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