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How to help your kids through a divorce

One of the most difficult steps of the divorce process is having to tell your children about your separation. Many […]

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5 things to think about when creating a separation agreement

So, you and your partner have decided to go your separate ways. Falling out of love with someone is never […]

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Couple signing domestic contract

Setting Aside a Domestic Contract

Just a case of buyer’s remorse…or, something more? Challenging domestic contracts in Ontario are becoming commonplace Court proceedings dealing with […]

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“I Don’t Want to Go to Court!” You May Not Have To.

When I speak to clients on their first call to our firm, each of them tells me they do not […]

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My spouse is gaslighting me. What can I do?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, there are many indications that gender-based violence has risen in Canada. This isn’t always in […]

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Dealing with a narcissistic spouse during a divorce

Dealing with a narcissistic spouse during a divorce

Is your spouse constantly victimizing themselves throughout your divorce? Are they going out of the way to talk poorly about […]

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