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Couple fighting over household contents and in need of a division of assets lawyer

How a Barrie Divorce Lawyer Divides Up The Household Contents

Have you ever fallen in love with something only to have it break, get lost or stolen? Maybe it was […]

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Men looking like superheros for referring people to lawyers

Why Should You Refer Divorcing Clients and Friends to Collaborative Lawyers in Barrie, Ontario?

Why should you refer your divorcing clients, patients and friends to a Collaborative lawyer? Here is why…. Doctors, Dentists, Health […]

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Client angery during divorce meeting

Barrie Collaborative Lawyers Help Overcome Anger

Anger. Have you ever felt so angry at your spouse you could just scream? I remember being so angry I just […]

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Courtroom for divorce hearing

Barrie Divorce Courts and Fathers

A few weeks ago, I did a blog called “Why Father’s Suffer in Court” in which I argue that it […]

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Why Barrie should consider a divorce fair

Divorce Fair in Barrie?

We need a Divorce Fair in Barrie, Ontario! Recently, Halifax hosted its first divorce fair. It was an opportunity to […]

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New Year's 2016 image

New Year’s Resolutions and Divorce

Did you make a resolution this year to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce your debt? Or maybe you resolved that […]

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