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father who received child support writing down questions for child support lawyers

20 Things to Know About Child Support in Ontario

One of the most asked-about parenting issues we receive daily revolves around child support. In Ontario, children have the right […]

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Father holding out hand for child

How child support works in Ontario

The most sensitive and serious problems you may encounter during your separation or divorce revolve around what will happen to […]

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My ex-spouse is entitled to how much? A new change to the law gives spouses (and ex-spouses) of those who die without a Will even more of their estate

My ex-spouse is entitled to how much? A new change to the law gives spouses more.

I have a foolproof way of helping insomniacs fall asleep without resorting to medication, crystals, ointments, or any woo woo […]

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Couple getting married and walking off for the first time together

If I get married is my will still valid?

When you marry, any existing Will is automatically revoked. In the situation of this, the rule of law takes charge […]

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Family Court during COVID-19

Is my Case “Urgent” for Family Court during COVID-19? Can it be Heard by a Judge?

I have had several clients ask me if their case is truly “urgent” and if it can be heard by […]

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Dividing money in as part of a full financial disclosure in a domestic contract

Full Financial Disclosure In A Domestic Contract

Having full financial disclosure is the baseline for negotiation of most domestic contracts. Financial issues that could pertain to support, […]

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