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A woman suspicious of her ex-husband being sneaky about finances

My Ex is Sneaky about Finances – What Should I Do?

I’m surprised at the number of married clients who tell me they either haven’t been involved in the family finances, […]

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Woman trying to figure out her credit debt after divorce

Wiping Away Credit Debt After a Financially Messy Divorce

The total amount of revolving debt in Canada is more than $600 billion, and that doesn’t include secured debt, like […]

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RRSP in regards to divorce or seperation

The “Roll” of RRSP’s in Your Separation and Divorce

Registered Retirement Savings Plans are the main savings vehicle for many Canadians, especially those who don’t have a pension through […]

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Forensic Accountant working on paperwork and using magnifying glass

How Forensic Accountants Help The Divorce Process

Grant Webb of Bisk Education has many insights into the use of Forensic Accountants in divorce actions. Here is Grant’s […]

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Sandra Ramos - financial planner

Divorce and Financial Planning

Sandra Ramos is a financial planner who has helped many clients who are going through a divorce make good financial […]

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Forensic accountant investigating finances on her modern desk

Forensic Accounting and Divorce

The role of a Forensic Accountant in a divorce is not well known. Erin Palmer offers great insights into this […]

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