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How does separation or divorce impact my home & mortgage?

How Divorce Impacts Your Mortgage and Matrimonial Home: Advice and Your Options

Darren Robinson is a mortgage broker in Barrie. He helps many clients who are going through a divorce refinance their […]

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Man looking over paperwork related to debt from divorce

Divorce and Debt: Tips to Get Out of Debt

Sophie Kinsella wrote an interesting blog about dealing with debt after divorce. Although the Oak View Law Group is not […]

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Money pile representing someone's pension

New Pension Legislation in Ontario Effective January 1, 2012

Matthew Krofchuk has written an excellent blog at Divorce Happens Blog regarding the changes to the pension division legislation in […]

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Beautiful young woman holding sweet cake

Double Dipping. Paying Spousal Support from Pension Income

When you divorce, what would you rather have – a valuable pension or a home worth the same? Or does […]

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Financial statment paperwork

Purpose and Requirements For a Sworn Financial Statement in a Divorce

Everyone hates having to do a sworn financial statement. This is a court form used in Ontario to list your […]

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New York Times article - Financing Your Divorce Litigation

Financing Your Divorce Litigation

Can you afford to sue your ex for your share of the property in your divorce? There is an article […]

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