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Prenuptial agreement

Couple in progress of a separation

This is My First Marriage. Should I Sign a Prenup?

You’ve never felt this way about anyone before—and you actually managed to lock them down. This is your first marriage […]

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were you forced or tricked into signing a pre nup

Were You Forced or Tricked Into Signing a Prenup?

Love is blind until one member of the couple opens his or her eyes and says, “Wait a minute, what […]

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Want to Get a Prenup Here are

Want to Get a Prenup? Here are 10 Important Questions You Need to Ask First

While it’s probably obvious that not everyone opts to sign a prenuptial agreement prior to tying the knot, more couples […]

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Couple getting into a doomed marriage

Doomed Marriage Before the ‘I do’s’: Premature Signs of Divorce

Julia, a paralegal with a firm in Philadelphia, was tired of looking for (but not finding) Mr. Right. That is until […]

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Close-up of a man while ripping a Pre-Nuptial Agreement in half

Ten Reasons a Pre-Nuptial Agreement May Be Unenforceable

Dick Price, in his recent blog, lists ten reasons why a pre-nuptial agreement might not be enforceable. He quotes Stephen […]

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Pre-Nuptial Agreement for Archie and Veronica

Pre-Nuptial Agreement for Archie and Veronica?

Comic book characters Archie and Veronica are getting married. The article, “Do Archie and Veronica Need a Prenup,” by Globe […]

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