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Galbraith Family Law Blog


Couple getting married and walking off for the first time together

If I get married is my will still valid?

When you marry, any existing Will is automatically revoked. In the situation of this, the rule of law takes charge […]

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Lawyer having video conference in courtroom

Video Conferencing in Family Court – We Need It Now

In the Canadian commercial law context, electronic trials (paperless trials), while not the norm, have been embraced by some members […]

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Dividing money in as part of a full financial disclosure in a domestic contract

Full Financial Disclosure In A Domestic Contract

Having full financial disclosure is the baseline for negotiation of most domestic contracts. Financial issues that could pertain to support, […]

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Cat and dog laying together thinking what happens to pets after a divorce

What About Pets? Cats and Dogs and Family Law

I love our family dogs, Becky and Ryder.  My husband loves Ryder and Becky, too! I love my daughter’s cat, […]

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Upset child who's parents are going through a divorce

Your Child’s Voice In Your Separation and Divorce

Do you want your child to be heard in your separation/divorce? Are you in mediation and want your child to […]

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Child on Christmas

Your First Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzza Since Divorce? Ugh.

I published this blog a few years ago. Many people have commented positively about it. As a result, it is […]

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