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Thinking about a better way to seperate

A Better Way to Separate

There is a movement afoot. Many of the professionals involved in helping families through separation agreements are trying to help […]

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Couple taking steps to get a separation

Necessary Steps Relating to Separation

Many people come to our offices to learn the steps involved in separation.  Practically speaking, there are necessary steps to […]

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Family after a divorce using social media to communicate

How to use social media safely: Foster your relationship with your children after a divorce

Divorces are hard. We don’t mean that in just the legal sense, either – for reasons entirely outside of their […]

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can I afford to stay in my home after my divorce?

How can I afford to stay in my home after separation or divorce?

The impact of separation or divorce on a family is long-reaching; not only does it stir emotions from all involved, […]

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Judge hearing couple make mistakes in divorce proceedings

5 Mistakes Made in Divorce Proceedings

Today’s guest blogger is writing about the 5 mistakes made by people who are in family court. While the advice […]

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RRSP in regards to divorce or seperation

The “Roll” of RRSP’s in Your Separation and Divorce

Registered Retirement Savings Plans are the main savings vehicle for many Canadians, especially those who don’t have a pension through […]

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