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Mother dropping children off with their father for access exchange

Who Drives The Children For Access Exchanges?

When you become a parent, nobody tells you that you will become a personal taxi driver for your children! You […]

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Using Facebook to speak to your children

Stay Connected With Your Children After Divorce With Facebook

Communication with teenagers can be difficult at the best of times. When you are separated, it can be even more […]

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Myths about divorce

Ten Myths About Separation and Divorce

Myth 1: Divorce is Too Easy I have helped hundreds of families through separation and divorce and can say that […]

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New York Times article - Financing Your Divorce Litigation

Financing Your Divorce Litigation

Can you afford to sue your ex for your share of the property in your divorce? There is an article […]

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Computer Game for Children of Divorce called Changeville

Computer Game for Children of Divorce: Changeville

There is a new website for kids whose parents are going through a divorce. It’s called Changeville.  It teaches kids what […]

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Breakups that happen on Facebook

Breakups According to FaceBook

There is an interesting article in Mashable Social Media. It quotes David McCandless’s research as to when people break up […]

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