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When the Flame Goes Up joint parenting blog

Joint Parenting – A Blog by Two Parents

I just stumbled upon a wonderful new blog jointly authored by two parents sharing joint custody of their children. It […]

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Hilary Linton FDRP Med & Arb (FDRIO), Acc. FM (OAFM), Cert. F. Med (Family Mediation Canada), Certified Child Protection Mediator, Mediator, Arbitrator, Parenting Coordinator and Trainer

Should Equal Parenting Time be Presumed?

 Hilary Linton is a well-respected mediator, trainer and lawyer in Ontario. She writes a provocative blog about whether there should […]

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Kids cleaning driveway and providing kids chores during Summer Access

How to Make the Most Out of Summer Access

Summertime… and the living is easy….or so the song goes. If you are separated, you want to make the most […]

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Father and son during summer access he scheduled

Five Ways of Resolving Summer Access Scheduling

Scheduling summer access can be a challenge. If you are a planner, you’ll want to schedule your holidays with the children […]

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Rain during summer plans

Best Laid Plans

Have you ever planned a great day of summer activities and then woke up to rain? It’s disappointing and upsetting. I […]

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Woman crying and contemplating suing after a divorce. She is experiencing pain and suffering after a separation

Suing for Pain and Suffering in a Separation

Damages for pain and suffering were awarded in a recent case called McLean v. Danicic and McDermott. Yes, “pain and […]

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