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Spousal Support

What Do I Do When My Spouse Misses a Spousal Support Payment

What Do I Do When My Spouse Misses a Spousal Support Payment?

Has your ex-spouse missed a spousal support payment? You’re probably frustrated, angry, and uncertain of what your next steps are. […]

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Couple working on building trust to avoid family court

Build Trust in Divorce and Avoid Family Court

Trust is essential for every relationship and is often damaged when people are getting divorced. It can be damaged in […]

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RRSP in regards to divorce or seperation

The “Roll” of RRSP’s in Your Separation and Divorce

Registered Retirement Savings Plans are the main savings vehicle for many Canadians, especially those who don’t have a pension through […]

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Small business owner Determining Income for Support

Determining Income for Support Purposes

Determining income is the first step toward determining the proper level of child support and spousal support. This is easy […]

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Beautiful young woman holding sweet cake

Double Dipping. Paying Spousal Support from Pension Income

When you divorce, what would you rather have – a valuable pension or a home worth the same? Or does […]

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Man removing gold wedding ring from his hand after separation

The Importance of the Date of Separation in a Divorce

Do you remember the day you separated? How did it happen? Was a note left or an email sent to […]

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