How Much Child Support Is a Single Mom Entitled to in Ontario?

How Much Child Support Is a Single Mom Entitled to in Ontario

Raising a child as a single mom is tough even under the best of circumstances. When a mother doesn’t receive the proper financial support, raising her children becomes much more difficult. In addition to federal support, single moms should receive proper financial support from the father, ensuring that the child and mother don’t have to suffer to make ends meet.

For the most part, federal law dictates the calculations for support across all provinces, including Ontario. The amount of child support that a single mom is entitled to depend on her income level, as well as the income level of the father of the child, although other factors will be included in the determination.

Factors That Influence Child Support

There is a multitude of factors that a judge may consider when determining how much child support a single mom is entitled to. The three most influential variables are the number of children involved, income levels, and the province in which the mother, father and children reside. Put simply, places with high costs of living, having more children and earning greater income will cause child support totals to rise.

The federal government publishes a series of tables that help to reduce the complexity of child support totals. For example, according to this table, a father who makes $50,000 and supports one child will be paying a basic amount of $450. That number rises to $743 for two children, $959 for three children and $1,133 for four children.

These numbers may be altered according to the provincial location of the child or payee. The online calculator offered by the government shows that a father paying support for one child is $420 in Nova Scotia, which is $30 less per month than the amount required in Ontario.

Custody Makes a Difference

The simplified numbers offered by the tables are determined according to sole custody, in which one parent does not regularly live with or visit the children. As a result, single moms need to make sure that they legally claim sole custody of the child.

If this isn’t done, the amount of support that the mother may receive could be reduced by a father who claims partial custody. In these cases, the income of both parties is considered before an amount is officially determined. The total amount of child support paid is calculated for both parents, with the parent earning the lesser income receiving the support payment.

The example provided by the Department Of Justice gives you a decent idea of how this works. If the father’s support payment is calculated to be $450 while the single mother’s payment works out to be $183, the difference between the two payments – $267 – will be the total basic child support amount given to the single mother.

Collecting Child Support In Ontario

Single mothers can choose from three different methods to set up child support payments. A written agreement may be created by the parties, or this information may be submitted online to make arrangements for payment. You can also choose to file papers in court to arrange a binding child support situation.

For online and court determinations, the Family Responsibility Office automatically receives the decision and arranges payment. Written agreements may be sent to the office along with an affidavit in order to arrange payments via the FRO.

Family Lawyers Help to Protect Your Rights

As a single mom, you’re already dealing with a complex, difficult parenting situation. When you hire an expert in family law, you ensure that you’ll receive the best help possible, protecting your right to full child support.

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