How to Cool Off a Heated Divorce Battle

How to Cool Off a Heated Divorce Battle

Divorce is an emotionally draining experience. You want to fight for your rights, and you most likely hate what your ex-spouse is doing to you. But all of that stress is unhealthy. How can you reduce the tension? Read on for our tips on how to cool off a heated divorce battle.

Don’t Let Emotions Reign

For many people, divorce can be an excuse to let their feelings take over and send their logical side on vacation. It’s easy to hurl insults and resort to name-calling, or to make decisions based on what you’re feeling rather than what makes sense and is in your best interests. That’s a mistake, though.

While you’re letting your emotions rule the day, you might end up rejecting a perfectly reasonable offer all in the name of punishing your ex. That could be a decision you regret later.

Look at the Big Picture

What you’re going through right now is hard — no one’s disputing that. However, this divorce won’t last forever. Have you thought about what comes next?

Ask yourself if what you’re fighting about is worth the effort. Also, consider the long-term effects of this battle on other people — such as your children, if you have them. What will your future relationship with them look like? Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and consider whether this issue will matter five years down the road.


Divorce mediation is a method of reducing the arguments and emotional baggage surrounding divorce. It can turn battles into agreements.

How does it work? A third-party mediator works with the couple to determine hot-button issues. The mediator deals with facts, not with emotions. He or she helps the former spouses reach a compromise that can be legally binding.

Hire a Mediation Lawyer

Are you heading towards a messy, drawn-out divorce? At Galbraith Family Law we specialize in mediation and in keeping couples out of the courtroom. Our unbiased mediators work with couples to come to a mutually agreed-upon compromise that makes both sides happy. Because you avoid the courtroom, mediation is a more cost-effective method of resolving a divorce. We focus on resolving family conflicts with heart. And we treat each of our clients with courtesy and respect.

Does divorce mediation sound like it might be the right solution for you? Find out how Galbraith Family Law can keep you out of the courtroom — call us today at 705-302-1072.

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