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Sandra Ramos - financial planner

Sandra Ramos is a financial planner who has helped many clients who are going through a divorce make good financial decisions about their future. Sandra graciously agreed to offer a guest blog with her insights. Here it is. Following any marriage breakdown, there is a time of emotional healing, but there is also a need for financial healing. During a marriage, we have often comingled our assets, income, goals and dreams. And when divorce occurs, it seemingly all unravels right before our eyes, leaving us feeling unsure about our financial future.

It is easy and somewhat naïve to suggest that all you need is a new Financial Plan. The reality is divorce can result in some significant changes financially and this can lead to a tremendous amount of stress for both parties. In extreme cases, some individuals will not be able to meet their current obligations, let alone think about saving for the future.

The first and best financial decision you can make is to commit to the collaborative process during your separation and divorce negotiations. This process is designed to minimize feelings of animosity and therefore promote cooperation, communication and of course collaboration. From a financial point of view, the result is financial savings of potentially thousands of dollars.

The collaborative process is something that I promote in my practice because, I know that it will save my client’s money, undue stress and create an environment of cooperation to ensure both parties walk away with what they need to start their new life on their own. This is even more important when there are children involved.

When the collaborative process is over and we have a written and signed separation agreement and all of the details around finances and children have been agreed to, it is time for the next step. This is where the services of a Professional Financial Advisor are needed.

The first step for my clients is the budget. Most people dislike budgeting and cringe at the word. However, it is the essential first step in moving forward. We must identify with accuracy what are your regular monthly income and your necessary expenses. The difference between these two numbers will be your discretionary income; it is with this income we can re-plan and re-design your financial future.

There are many factors to organize and understand:

  • Tax Planning – understanding the changes to your Personal Taxes
  • Retirement Planning – RRSP’S, TFSA’S & Pension Plans
  • Estate Planning – New Will and Powers of Attorney & Life Insurance
  • Education Planning – RESP’S
  • Employer Benefits

I have 20 years of experience in the Financial Planning Industry and I have also experienced Divorce personally. I know how overwhelming this period in your life is; however by re-establishing your goals and taking control of your financial situation you will be on the right path toward financial independence.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can assist you please do not hesitate to view my website www.sandraramos.ca. Or contact me at 1-866-949-1027 x 235.

Sandra Ramos, CFP
Senior Executive Consultant
Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
138 Commerce Park Drive
Barrie, Ontario
L4N 8W8

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