Divorce Gift Certificates??

Divorce Gift Certificates

Daniel Clement pointed out in his blog that a UK law firm is actually selling gift certificates for a consultation with a divorce lawyer. What do you think of that? … the gift of divorce!!

Here are the top ten uses I have come up with so far, just for laughs, with suggestions on what to write on the gift card in quotes. Do you have any additions?

10. Give it to your spouse who is unwilling to deal with the reality of your separation and is stalling the process. “Let’s get this done, honey!”

9. Give it to your lover who has said he or she will get a divorce but just hasn’t done it. “Hey, if you love me, you would get this done!”

8. Give it to your sister so you don’t need to deal with that nasty brother-in-law at Christmas!!  “You can do better!”

7. Give it to the guy who just took your parking lot at the mall, for his wife. “You can park yourself somewhere better!”

6. Give it to your friend who is about to get married to a jerk.  “Just in case…”

5. If you are single, give it anonymously to someone married who you would like to date. “Hint. Hint. There are more fish in the ocean… including me!”

4. Give it to your favourite bartender or hairdresser. “In case you need some advice too!”

3. Give it yourself. If you are facing a divorce, maybe it’s time to get some advice.  “O.K. I had better take a deep breath and get this done!”

2. Give it to Tiger Woods’ wife. “Thirteen lovers is too many! ”

1. Give it to Tiger Woods. “Sorry… but you might as well get back to golfing!”

Actually, all kidding aside, I like the idea of being able to give the gift of good advice to someone in need. If you are going through a divorce, wouldn’t it be nice to receive this helping hand from a friend or family member?

What do you think? Should we start offering them for sale?

Another idea… I think we should start stamping the back of our business cards and offer the fifth divorce complimentary!! …okay… that’s too tacky!! But it is funny!!

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