Why Divorce Should Never be About Revenge

Why Divorce Should Never be About Revenge

If you’re getting divorced, you are probably experiencing some difficult emotions. And the temptation to take them out on your former spouse can be strong. But revenge could cost you, emotionally, legally, and financially. Here are a few key reasons why divorce should never be about revenge:

1. As the Huffington Post reports, when you’re getting divorced, not watching what you say could come back to haunt you. For example, while sharing your not-so-positive feelings on social media may feel like a good way to get it all out, if your ex gets their hands on your words, they could use them in court. Lying about your relationship in court or any other legal proceedings can also backfire. While keeping your cool can be hard during such an emotional time, you’ll be happy you did once it’s all over.

2. Depending on what you do, you could get in serious trouble with the law. For example, The Huffington Post advises against covertly taking money out of a joint account and moving it to your personal account, as you’re likely to get caught. Similarly, changing the locks on your spouse is illegal unless you have a formal separation agreement or a court order that specifies that you now have “exclusive possession”.

3. Revenge could cost you money. Refusing to cooperate in divorce proceedings will likely cause your legal fees to skyrocket. Also, if you deliberately complicate things in order to cost your ex money, you could end up being required to pay them back!

4. Revenge could also cost you things far more precious than money. This is especially true if you have kids. Manipulating your kids in an attempt to secure their allegiance and their desire to live with you could have the opposite effect, both in terms of actually harming your relationship with them and in terms of the court’s impression of you.

Ultimately, in addition to all the trouble, it can get you into, revenge probably won’t make you feel better. Trying to heal and find positive things in your life will do you a lot more good than trying for payback. If you need legal help with getting through your divorce and you live in Southern Ontario, consider contacting Galbraith Family Law. It’s our mission to resolve family conflicts with the heart. Our team is here to support you through this process.

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At Galbraith Family Law, we know that soon-to-be ex-spouses have a difficult road ahead, and we have helped countless men and women sort things out as smoothly and painlessly as possible.  If you’re looking for support and expert legal representation during this difficult time, our team at Galbraith Family Law can help sort things out and get you results.  Contact us today for a consultation.


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