Getting Divorced? Expect to Answer These Questions… a Lot

Getting Divorced Expect to Answer These Questions

Unless you’re a celebrity, you can rest assured that your divorce isn’t going to take place in the public eye.

That doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to come under scrutiny from friends, family and coworkers, though. There are a few questions that will keep popping up. Read on to learn what you can expect, and gain some tips for how to answer these inquiries.

“What Happened?”

People are curious. They have a thirst for knowledge. That thirst can be a good thing – it fuels scientific discoveries. Many times, their desire to know is simply part of the human need for gossip. The question, “What happened?” falls into this category.

People who aren’t familiar with the intimate details of the breakup are most likely to ask that question. They probably believe you and your ex were very happy, and they can’t understand why the marriage fell apart.

It’s up to you to decide how much to share… or not. If the questioner really has your best interests at heart, he or she will accept the answer, “If you don’t mind, it’s difficult to talk about, and I’d prefer not to discuss it.”

“Whose Decision Was It?”

This question usually comes on the heels of “What happened?” Again, people who want to know about this are on the outside, and learning more about how your marriage ended satisfies their desire for gossip. Sometimes, they’re hoping to hear a salacious tidbit such as, “Well, I left Jack after I found out he cheated on me with his secretary.”

As with the previous question, don’t feel obligated to share. Even if it was your decision to seek a divorce, it’s a difficult choice. And you don’t have to justify it to anyone.

“Who’s Getting the House/Kids/Summer Home Etc.?”

Sometimes, the people who ask this question fancy themselves legal experts (even when they’ve never set foot inside a law school). They’ll treat you to a long-winded answer about the decisions you should be making, although you might not want their advice.

Don’t accept legal advice from anyone but a lawyer. Your lawyer knows what’s best for you. Not sure how to answer the question about the distribution of property or custody? You can always say, “We’re still working on it,” and change the subject.

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