Domestic Violence and Family Law: Seeking Protection and Legal Remedies


Domestic violence is a deeply concerning issue that affects many families. It is crucial to address this sensitive topic and provide information on seeking protection and legal remedies within the context of family law. In this blog post, we will discuss obtaining restraining orders, seeking legal protection, and accessing support services for victims of domestic violence.

1. Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence encompasses a range of abusive behaviors, including physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse. It can occur within intimate partner relationships, marriages, or other family dynamics. Recognizing the signs of domestic violence is essential to protect yourself and your loved ones.

2. Obtaining Restraining Orders

A restraining order, also known as a protection order, is a legal document that prohibits an abuser from contacting or approaching the victim. To obtain a restraining order, you can seek assistance from a family lawyer or visit your local courthouse. Galbraith Family Law provides resources and guidance on obtaining restraining orders in Ontario.

3. Seeking Legal Protection

If you are experiencing domestic violence, it is crucial to seek legal protection. Consult with a family lawyer who specializes in domestic violence cases. They can guide you through the legal process, help you understand your rights, and advocate for your safety and well-being.

4. Reporting Domestic Violence

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call emergency services. It is also important to report incidents of domestic violence to the police. Document any evidence of abuse, such as photographs, text messages, or medical records, as this can support your case.

5. Accessing Support Services

There are numerous support services available for victims of domestic violence. Reach out to local organizations, such as shelters, helplines, or counseling services, that provide assistance and resources for survivors. The Law Society of Ontario offers guidance on finding support services for victims of domestic violence.


Domestic violence is a serious issue that requires immediate attention and action. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, it is important to seek protection and legal remedies. By obtaining restraining orders, seeking legal assistance, reporting incidents, and accessing support services, you can take steps towards ensuring your safety and well-being. Galbraith Family Law and the Law Society of Ontario provide valuable resources to support individuals in navigating domestic violence within the context of family law.

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