The Effects of Divorce on Children That Nobody Talks About

Divorced mother picking up her son watching her ex husband saying goodbye

They don’t often show you this on TV, but here’s a fact: Divorce may actually be good for your kids. The commonly portrayed and held notion is that the effects of divorce on children are all bad feelings and troubled relationships.

Yes, of course that can happen. But here are a few ways a divorce will help them in the long run.

The Poisonous Atmosphere is Gone

Your children likely grew up around all sorts of fighting and bad attitudes.

They pick up on things like daddy sleeping in the guest room and know that things are bad. So when things end and the parties separate, the children no longer have to live in a toxic environment?

Is it disruptive to their lives? Yes? Will they act out in adjustment? Very likely. But over the long run, they too will see that it’s better to split time between 2 healthy living situations than staying in one unhealthy home.

It Builds Character. No Seriously

We know, it’s cliche. You heard it anytime you were a kid and you had to do something you didn’t want to do.

But a divorce can actually build emotional toughness and adaptability.

They Can Actually See Both Parents at Their Best

Divorce can often breed a new type of independence in you that you may not have known you had. Kids pick up on this, and can really see you coming into your own. They will also pick up on the fact that they are now getting more of your attention than ever.

“Usually when both parents are together, one of them takes on most of the nurturing and/or logistical planning. After a divorce, the children can have each parent completely focusing on them with the time they have together,” wrote Dr. Shoshana Bennett for

“They can also see each parent fully taking care of home business”

It Helps Them Grow Closer to Friends

Contrary to popular belief, half of all marriages don’t end in divorce in Canada. The actual divorce rate is closer to 40%. But that still means that your child is very likely to have friends who have been through a divorce. These friends can be enormously helpful in coaching them through and demystifying the experience.

Also, they will know how to be there for friends who may go through their own divorce later on. Overall, children of divorce can become more empathetic towards others, both as a child and later in life.

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