Fighting Over Your Kids During a Divorce? Think about These 10 Questions First


If you’re a parent contemplating divorce, you’re no doubt concerned about the lasting effect it will have on your kids. Even in the best situations, divorce isn’t easy. Fighting over your children just makes it worse. It causes an even higher level of anxiety for everyone involved.

According to divorce and parenting coach Rosalind Sedacca, you should always ask yourself:

  1. Do you want your kids to endure months of anxiety?
  2. Is it really necessary for your child to be subjected to numerous interviews?
  3. Do you want your children to suffer serious psychological harm?
  4. Do you want the judge to decide how often you see your children?
  5. Should you force your kids to answer questions about personal issues?
  6. Do you want to come across as a bad role model?
  7. Is it necessary for the intimate details of your life to become a public record?
  8. Do you want to waste your assets on litigation costs?
  9. Do you want to jeopardize future cooperation with your ex-spouse?
  10. Do you want someone else to decide on your settlement details?

Ideally, the answer to all of these questions should be a resounding “No!” The last thing you want to do is cause your kids undue stress. Never go into the situation thinking that it’s ok to do so because they’ll eventually forget about it.

Children Suffer from the Divorce Process as Much as Divorce Itself

Many children blame themselves for the divorce and carry the guilt all through their adulthood.

If you and your spouse don’t come to amicable terms, on your own, someone else will be forced to step in and do it for you. This typically means you give up the majority of control in regard to mapping out issues such as custody and settlement details.

When this occurs, your kids are more likely to be subjected to interviews with court personnel and mental health professionals, whose job it is to determine what’s best for the children.

All of this extra involvement means a more costly divorce. If you forego the arguments and bad feelings, right from the start, your valuable assets can be used to benefit your children instead of the court system.

For the Sake of the Children, Find the Right Divorce Lawyer

Remember, there’s never a good reason to fight over your kids when contemplating divorce. In 100 percent of the cases, it does much more harm than good.

At Galbraith Family Law, we approach each case with special attention paid to the welfare of any children involved, as much as the spouses at odds.  If you are concerned about how your children will weather the process, get in touch with us, and we’ll discuss how we can achieve the most positive resolution for everyone.


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