How To Find Out If My Husband Is Cheating

divorce barrieThere are many reasons why couples choose to divorce. Financial problems, stress, values conflicts, illness and infidelity.

Oftentimes it is a combination of factors that leave a couple feeling like the best avenue is to split.

Infidelity is a common issue that springs up in many divorces, and is often a symptom of other high-stress situations.

Sometimes, wondering if your husband is cheating is even more stressful than knowing. Constantly worrying, being suspicious and feeling on guard can really take a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally. Finding out the truth once and for all means that you can move forward with whatever action you choose to take.

The most obvious step is to ask. This is hard, but if you feel strongly that there is something going on, you just might be right. It isn’t uncommon for the person cheating to actually want to be caught. Of course, it is also common for the cheating party to deny it. So, what steps can you take?

If you are wondering how to find out if your husband is cheating, but aren’t sure, here are some signs that frequently point to cheating:

  1. Has your husband suddenly started spending more time away from the house? Does it take him longer to run errands, is he working more overtime or seeming more and more eager to get away?
  2. Has there been a change in his appearance? New clothes, better grooming?
  3. Is he being extra secretive and protective of his phone?
  4. Has there been a significant change in his attitude toward you? This can take many forms. He may be extra affectionate, drastically less affectionate or more jealous or critical.
  5. Do you have a gut feeling that he is hiding something?
  6. Is there a co-worker, neighbor or friend that he is helping out a lot?

Any one of these signs may mean nothing on their own, but a combination of them indicates a red flag. It can be tempting to confront him when you are feeling jealous, angry or fearful, but this may increase the chances that he will deny it in order to avoid a messy confrontation. The question of how to find out if my husband is cheating can be difficult to answer, but once you do, you can move forward.

In some cases, divorce is the outcome. In other cases, the couple may choose to work toward a solution, such as counseling to address the underlying problems. Both roads have their own challenges. If you have made the decision to proceed with a divorce, you may experience depression, anxiety and find yourself wondering if you made the right decision. Healing from this experience takes time, but at least you don’t have the added stress of wondering if you are being cheated on. Individual counseling can be helpful, as well as the support of family and friends. This is a good time to relearn how to take care of yourself by pursuing your interests and hobbies, spending time with friends and taking time out to pamper yourself.

If you decide to give the marriage a chance, you may find yourself trying to cope with all of those emotions and also the difficulties of trusting your spouse and the fear of being cheated on again. This can be a very difficult time for all parties involved, but some couples report that their marriage has not only survived, but thrived after healing from infidelity.

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