How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

This is a massive decision. Don’t take it lightly. Choosing the right divorce lawyer or family lawyer is important. The people/ firm you choose is going to be working very closely with you. The work you do with them will have a major impact on your personal life and financial standing for years to come.

Here are some important things to consider:

Working Relationship/Trust:

Again, you’re going to be working closely with these people, you need a good fit. So it’s important to find a firm that you feel comfortable with, on a personal level—with a staff that you can communicate easily with.

You’re also going to be discussing some of the most detailed and intimate parts of your personal and financial life, so trust is vital.

One of the quickest ways to establish trust is following up on a referral or recommendation from a friend or colleague. Their word goes a long way.

This leads us to…


You can gauge this in a number of ways. Asking friends and colleagues can usually give you a frank and unfiltered view of their experiences with the firms they’ve worked with (for better or for worse).

Also, be sure to visit their website and look around. Testimonials or case studies can give you a glimpse into their history. But look beyond that by Googling the firm’s name. What are people saying about them online? Are they in any news stories? Are they there for the right reasons?

Cost/ Rate:

If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to go with a newer, less expensive firm. On the plus side, a new firm might work a little bit harder for you, as they’re looking to establish their name in the industry.

If you can spend a bit more money, you’re paying for a firm’s staff and reputation, which is always money well spent.

When budgeting how much to spend, ask questions like:

“How amicable is the divorce?”
“How complicated will dividing assets be?”
“Is this likely to go to trial?”

Knowing your budget and your needs beforehand prevents any surprise costs later. Depending on where you live, you may need a divorce lawyer in Newmarket, Barrie or Orillia.

Brian Galbraith

Brian Galbraith is the owner and founder of Galbraith Family Law Professional Corporation. Brian is known in the legal community for his commitment to efficiently practicing family law using technology and streamlining the divorce processes.

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