How to Download and File Divorce Papers in Canada

Divorce lawyer BarrieFinding forms for divorce is very easy with family centers, court offices and many other facilities offering them. You can find them online, as well. By simply typing “divorce papers Ontario”, you can download papers specific to your region. While finding documents might be fast and convenient, filling in the forms might prove to be a little more challenging.

Types of Divorce Forms

Downloading forms from the internet is definitely the quickest way to begin filing for divorce. Documents are usually available in pdf. format, which makes them easy to save on your computer and print. Divorce forms contain different sections that you need to fill out, like:

• Simple or Joint application
• The applicant and respondent’s details
• Details of lawyers
• Family history
• Claims

How To Fill Out Divorce Papers

If you prefer to fill out the forms yourself, you need to take time out to do a little legal research first. There are some sections you can easily fill out but others require careful consideration to avoid complications.

Keep in mind that each region has specific instructions on how to fill out divorce documents. It is surprising how many forms get delayed because they have not been filled in properly. To avoid errors and to make sure everything is done correctly, it is advisable that you contact a family lawyer for assistance.

What Different Sections Mean: An Overview

Some document sections are simple, like filling out your spouse and children’s basic information. However, there are others that are more complicated than they appear.

Simple or Joint Custody
A simple application refers to when one spouse requests divorce from another. A joint application, on the other hand, is when both parties apply because they agree. Even if you and your spouse have a verbal agreement about filing for a divorce, it is possible for your request to be contested. Speak to your partner and lawyer about the best option.

Family History
This section requires information about your children. Providing details for biological children is usually easy. However, if you have adopted children, it is wise to consult your attorney. You also have to disclose any agreements you might have made as a couple prior to getting married.

With every divorce comes the division of property and child custody. You can claim for your net family properties to be equalized, ask for child support, custody, spousal support, or freezing of assets.

In addition, you can:

• Apply for the marriage to be annulled
• Request a restraining order
• Ask for the court to acknowledge you as a guardian

Each claim includes its own conditions under certain laws and criteria for your claims to be valid. Discussing these concepts with a family lawyer is highly recommended.

Benefits of Having a Family Lawyer

Taking the process into your own hands might sound like a good idea but legal proceedings can be tricky in the long run. Filling out a divorce application is only the first step to a long process.

Hiring a Newmarket divorce lawyer as early as possible gives you advice on what to do next after the application is approved.

Lawyers can:

• Show you how to file divorce papers to avoid costly delays
• Explain concepts that will become very important to understand during divorce proceedings
• Prepare you for hearings and negotiations
• Help you avoid conflict that might be detrimental to your case

If you are ready to file for divorce, it is crucial to understand how you should fill out the divorce papers that Ontario courts issue. Doing it improperly can cause unnecessary details and even complicate the process. Ask a family lawyer to assist you to make the process faster, clearer and easier.

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