How To Tell If Your Husband Might Be Cheating

how to tell if your husband is cheating No one likes being with a cheater. You feel hurt, betrayed, and mortified. If you’re married, the consequences can be disastrous. Nevertheless, you should not feel alone. Recent surveys suggest that up to 22% of married men have cheated on their wives at least once. If you find yourself asking “Is my husband cheating on me?” there are signs that may indicate your husband is having an affair. Regardless if you desire to get your emotionally (or physically) unavailable man back in your arms, these are some troubling signs:

  1. He changes his usual behavior

People have certain behavioral patterns they adhere to. These generally are very dependable and rarely altered. When your spouse begins to adopt new patterns without warning or cause, this may indicate that he is seeing someone.

  1. He Begins to Suspect You of Cheating

There is a psychological condition in which people attribute their own flaws onto others, especially if they feel guilty. If your husband begins checking your phone, asking too many questions about where you are going or flat out accusing you of cheating when you are not, it is a tell-tale sign of infidelity.

  1. He changes his appearance

It’s natural for people’s style to change, but a sudden concern for hygiene and excessive primping may indicate that he is grooming himself for another woman. If your formerly unselfconscious husband who rarely glances twice at a mirror is suddenly spending time on his appearance, he may be trying to impress a member of the opposite sex.

  1. Sex

If he drastically changes his behavior in bed, he may be cheating on you. He may withdraw from sex completely or he may be friskier in bed. He may have increased testosterone levels due to his new woman and he may feel the need to have more sex with you. It is also possible that he may be trying to cover up his affair by increasing his sexual appetite with you, especially if he has not acted that way with you for some time.

  1. He spends more time at work

If your husband starts to put in more hours at work, he may be looking to get a raise, he may have lost an employee and is trying to compensate, or he may be with another woman. It’s very common for men involved in affairs to make up excuses and the most common one is working overtime.

  1. He is constantly on or near his phone

It is not unusual for people to be on their phones all the time, however if your spouse is texting at odd hours, taking it to the bathroom or sleeping with it, it may be an indicator. Another clue is if he quickly puts the phone down when you enter the room or is deliberately keeping it away from you.

Build up evidence of his affair by collecting texts, checking his email and follow the trail. When you have done this, confront him with that evidence. If he is a clever liar he will try to stall-don’t let him. It is important to remain calm and collected and keep the pressure on. This will keep him off guard and in shock. Afterwards take time away to gather yourself and make a plan of action. If you can’t take it anymore, consider filing for divorce. Any one of our divorce lawyers in Newmarket are willing and able to assist you moving forward.

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