How Can Fathers Win Child Custody in Ontario

The best advice is to hire a skilled family lawyer who has your back when it comes to child custody. For instance, a messy divorce can harm children if both parents are not on the same page when it comes to custody.

Another aspect of winning child custody is linked to having a family law attorney who is able to interpret the law so a client can achieve his or her goals.

According to the Ontario Child Custody Law, there is no mandate to award full custody to a mother during a divorce hearing in court. Ontario lawmakers believe that the child’s “primary caregiver” is the one likely to be granted full custody by the court.

What the Courts Decide

Child custody in Canada and Ontario is all about what is best for the child’s mental, physical and future best interests. Does the child want to live with the mother or father? The court often recommends a family lawyer to represent both the mother and the father during divorce hearings.

Inside Custody Hearings in Ontario

While in child custody in Ontario a lawyer brokered an agreement or by court order, there are many other factors.

For example, the courts view a current satisfactory living arrangement for a child or children of divorcing parents as “all-important.” They often view the parent living with the child at home as both the primary caregiver and the one who should be awarded custody. Also, the courts usually want to keep children together.

There are some important considerations when going to court in Ontario for a custody hearing. They include:

– What are the child’s desires when it comes to living with either the mother or father?
– What is the true relationship between the child and each parent? Is it good or strained?
– Can the parent, who wants custody, provide for their child’s mental and physical needs? Does the parent have the financial ability to take care of their child or children?
– What parent served as the main caregiver of the child or children during the relationship?

In general, the best advice for winning child custody in Ontario courts is to hire a family practice lawyer. For example, you can find a divorce lawyer in the city of Newmarket. Also, the parent needs to decide if they can satisfy the court’s views on both financial and emotional support.

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