10 Most Infamous Acts of Infidelity in Modern History

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Henry Kissinger, one of our nation’s most accomplished secretaries of state, said it best: “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” Given his homely looks and reputation for womanizing during his younger years — “younger” referring to his 50s when he had the most power — he knows as well as anyone. It seems that American politicians, actors and athletes have a penchant for “making the rounds,” even when they’ve apparently settled down and married. Some do it more recklessly than others, leading to public relations nightmares when news of their dalliances hits the back pages. The following 10 infamous affairs were committed by famous Americans who ultimately fell victim to their own carnal weaknesses. Read on to refresh your memory on how it turned out for them.

  1. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky: Never before or since has an extramarital affair received more press attention. The actions of the commander-in-chief are always under intense scrutiny, and people expect him to perform his duties in a dignified manner. That’s why when the Lewinsky story broke, Clinton swiftly denied it, uttering 11 words that defined his presidency: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” But as the evidence became overwhelming, including the presence of the infamous blue dress, he was forced to admit to the relationship. Clinton was held in contempt of court for apparently lying during a deposition for the Jones lawsuit, and the Republican-controlled Congress issued Articles of Impeachment against him, with many believing he was guilty of obstruction of justice and perjury. Clinton was acquitted of the charges and ironically, the highest approval rating of his presidency came on the day of his impeachment. Despite the outcome, rumours of Clinton’s constant infidelities plagued his presidency and served as a lesson — usually not followed — to other horndogs in office.
  2. John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe: You could also add the Robert Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe affair to this list — she, as did many women during the ’50s and ’60s, adored the Kennedys. Although there’s never been a true smoking gun to confirm with 100 percent assuredness that the JFK/Monroe affair occurred, some people seem to think Monroe’s seductive singing of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” is enough evidence. Judith Exner, another of JFK’s reputed mistresses, described an affair he had with Monroe, and journalist Anthony Summers studied the affair in two books, one of which mentions her deepening depression after he ended the relationship. Of course, conspiracy theorists like to speculate that JFK was responsible for her death, but that’s just crazy talk.
  3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt has never explicitly admitted to cheating on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie, but he has implied that he was guilty of emotionally cheating on Aniston by stating that he fell in love with Jolie during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Not coincidentally, Pitt and Aniston divorced during the production of the film, and a month later, Pitt and Jolie were photographed together in Kenya. The two then morphed into one, at least according to the press, becoming known as “Brangelina,” and the rest is history. Cheating is bad and all, but you’ve got to admit — Pitt is one lucky son of a gun.
  4. Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel, etc, etc.: The salacious details of Tigers’ numerous trysts cascaded through the press after it was revealed in late November 2009 — thanks to his front yard car accident — that he had an affair with New York City nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel. It was Jaimee Grubbs who did the most damage, releasing voice and text messages from Tiger that occurred during their two-and-a-half-year relationship. As a result, Tiger issued a vague apology, but as more of his mistresses came forward, he was forced to unequivocally fess up to his deeds. He took an indefinite leave from the PGA tour and sat idly by as several of his endorsements were either terminated or suspended. Since the months-long ordeal, Tiger’s wife Elin filed for divorce and he lost his world number one ranking for the first time in 623 weeks.
  5. Hugh Grant and Divine Brown: As a couple of others on this list, it’s mind-numbingly difficult to understand why a huge movie star would cheat on his seemingly perfect girlfriend, Elizabeth Hurley, with someone so undesirable — for Hugh, it was a Hollywood hooker named Divine Brown (just Google her pictures). The scandal occurred a couple of weeks prior to the release of Nine Months when he was arrested for misdemeanour lewd conduct in a public place. Famously, Grant appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno later that week and took responsibility for his actions. Fortunately for Grant, Hurley didn’t kick him to the curb.
  6. Gary Hart and Donna Rice: In Gary Hart’s case, his extramarital extracurriculars resulted in the ruination of his political aspirations. Entering the 1988 Democratic primary as the frontrunner to win the nomination, he was prepared to overtake the Republican dynasty George Bush was hoping to continue. Hart was so confident in himself that, when rumours surfaced that he was having an affair, he dared the press to follow him around to find dirt. The Miami Herald, which had already been investigating his womanizing, took him up on it and kept a close eye on his townhouse, where reporters spotted a woman later identified as 29-year-old model Donna Rice. Hart’s support in New Hampshire, the sight of the first primary, decreased drastically. When photos were published of him and Rice aboard a yacht fittingly named Monkey Business, he decided to drop out of the race. He briefly returned, however, when it became apparent the public felt he was unfairly treated by the media. But his candidacy was already dead, and he was forced to retreat from the forefront of the political arena. It was a steep price to pay for a good time with an attractive blonde.
  7. John Edwards and Rielle Hunter: Twenty years after Hart’s misdeeds, another Democratic presidential candidate was caught in an affair, though this time, he wasn’t the frontrunner to win the nomination. Rumours of John Edwards’ infidelities with former campaign worker Rielle Hunter emerged three months before primary season officially kicked off and lingered somewhat on the back burner until after his candidacy was finished during the summer of 2008. He admitted to the affair during an August interview but denied being the father of her young son. For a while, campaign aide Andrew Young claimed, at Edward’s request, to be the father, but later admitted that Edwards is the father — Edwards came clean in January 2010. The worst part about the whole episode: his wife Elizabeth was battling breast cancer during it all.
  8. Kobe Bryant and Katelyn Faber: Professional athletes simply shouldn’t marry until after they retire. There’s just too much temptation — unless, of course, you’re the unrecognizable guy who sits at the end of the bench. Kobe Bryant certainly isn’t a bench warmer, and he’s certainly susceptible to temptation. Such was the case during his 2003 visit to The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera hotel in Eagle, Colorado prior to undergoing knee surgery, where he met 19-year old hotel employee Katelyn Faber. Their very brief relationship ended with a sexual assault accusation against Bryant, which he denied. The ordeal caused significant damage to his clean reputation. Like Tiger, he was dropped by some of his endorsers and issued a public apology, but unlike with Tiger, his wife was at his side. Vanessa opted not to file for divorce, possibly because of the dazzling $4 million dollars, 8-carat purple diamond ring she received from Kobe as an “I’m sorry” gift. Faber settled a civil lawsuit with Bryant in 2004.
  9. David Letterman and Stephanie Birkitt: The tables were turned on Letterman in 2009 when he became the butt of jokes pertaining to his marital infidelity. Famously, Letterman admitted to having affairs with members of his staff in response to an extortion attempt by Joe Halderman, a fellow CBS employee who worked as a producer for 48 Hours. Three weeks earlier, Letterman discovered a package in his car from Halderman threatening that he’d write a book and screenplay if Letterman didn’t pay him $2 million. Halderman eventually pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny and spent six months in jail after Letterman and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office set up a sting operation. Letterman apologized to his staff and wife on the air, and Stephanie Birkitt, an assistant of Letterman who was romantically linked to him and Halderman, was subsequently removed from the show.
  10. James McGreevey and Golan Cipel: James McGreevey is the one person on this list who, to many Americans, is solely remembered for his infidelities because of the way he has faded from public view. In 2004, an election year, the then-New Jersey governor, a married man with kids, confessed that he is “a gay American” and to engage in “an adult consensual affair with another man” during a press conference announcing his resignation. The sudden revelation came as a response to threats of a sexual harassment lawsuit from Golan Cipel, whom McGreevy appointed as a homeland security adviser. Cipel later claimed that he never had a truly romantic affair with McGreevy and was just one of his many victims.
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