Is Infidelity the Most Common Reason for Divorce?

As a family law firm, we’ve worked with a number of clients from Barrie, whose marriages have dissolved because of an extramarital affair. But that is far from the only reason.

In fact, according to a recent report, cheating is not the top reason that today’s marriages fail. Grant Thornton UK LLP’s 2011 matrimonial survey, found that the most common reasons were:

• Falling out of love (27 percent)
• Extramarital affair (25 percent)
• Unreasonable behaviour (17 percent)
• Midlife crisis (10 percent)
• Emotional/physical abuse (6 percent)

“Ever since our first survey in 2003, extra-marital affairs have always been cited as the top reason behind the divorce. That is, until this year, when it has been replaced by parties who say that they simply grew apart or fell out of love,” said the report.

“Indeed, the number of respondents giving extra-marital affairs as their answer is now at its lowest level since we commenced our survey eight years ago.”

Other popular reasons for divorce revolved around work and money. “Financial/money worries” came in at 5%, while 4% of marriages ended due to “Work-holism.”

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