Is Mediation Right for My Divorce?

Divorce mediation involves you and your spouse meeting with a mediator to try to resolve the issues resulting from your separation. Newmarket divorce lawyers can help you with this (or a Barrie/Orillia divorce lawyer).

On the surface, it sounds simple, but the process itself can be complex and emotionally charged, as you discuss things like support, property division and child custody.

You and your spouse may meet with your mediator (who is a neutral third party) once a week until a resolution is reached on all issues. Or until the mediator deems that further mediation won’t resolve anything, but more often than not it doesn’t come to that.

The circumstances surrounding each divorce are different, so mediation isn’t the answer for everyone. Be sure to speak to your divorce lawyer about all your options.

Often times mediation is good if you:

Have children:

The complexities of custody aside, you want to be on the best terms possible with your former spouse, when there are children involved.

Using a mediator can help you settle things amicably, with both parties feeling like they got a fair shake.

Already have a lawyer:

If you’re not comfortable attending the actual mediations, your lawyer can attend with you.

This helps you feel like you have someone working with you, and you’re not going in alone. Their counsel and support can be invaluable.

Have extensive assets or property:

The more you have, the more help you may need to divide it fairly and amicably.

Homes, cottages, rental properties, cars and boats can all complicate the process by being a source of contention. Both parties may feel entitled to the same assets. Working with a third-party mediator may be the best solution.

Again, there is no magic solution that keeps your divorce from being potentially unpleasant or sensitive. However, using a third party with no emotional attachment or stake in the outcome can go a long way.

Mediations have a high success rate (particularly with children involved), and have found amicability in cases where both parties thought it was hopeless.

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