The Most Popular Issues Divorced Parents Fight About

The Most Popular Issues Divorced Parents Fight About

It might come as a shock, but getting a divorce doesn’t mean you’ll stop fighting with your former spouse. The arguments can intensify and multiply when there are children involved. Before you and your ex start flinging verbal arrows, learn more about what divorced parents typically fight about and figure out how to avoid them, for the sake of your kids.


You want to spend Easter with your parents. He wants to take the kids to his new girlfriend’s house. How do you solve the problem?

It’s tempting to get into a screaming match with your ex over who will take the kids. That’s not very productive, though. The end result will be that your children will feel as though they are caught in a situation they can’t control.

What can you do? Ask the children with whom they want to spend the holiday. And then don’t get upset (or gloat) at the answer.


Kelly has a soccer game. Your ex is supposed to pick her up, but she can’t. Again. Maybe she’s working late or had an emergency. It doesn’t matter, because you’re ticked off.

Again, it’s easy to yell at your former husband or wife and call him or her irresponsible. And if you’re the one who dropped the ball, it’s second nature to become defensive.

Both of you need to set aside your emotions and put the children first. Kids need consistency in their lives, especially during the upheaval of a divorce. If you say you’ll be there at a certain time, be there. And if you realize the current scheduling arrangements aren’t working out, collaborate with your ex on a better schedule for everyone.

Parenting Techniques

You’re a disciple of Attachment Parenting. He thinks it’s hogwash and says so at every possible opportunity. How can you break this deadlock?

As long as what you’re doing keeps the children safe from harm, you will have to respect each other’s different parenting styles. That means if you’ve got a nasty comment, keep it to yourself.

For the Sake of the Children, Find the Right Divorce Lawyer

There’s never a good reason to fight over your kids during or after divorce. In 100 percent of the cases, it does much more harm than good.

At Galbraith Family Law, we approach each case with special attention paid to the welfare of any children involved, as much as the spouses at odds.  If you are concerned about how your children will weather the process, get in touch with us, and we’ll discuss how we can achieve the most positive resolution for everyone.

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