Is Your Job Bad for Your Marriage?

Is Your Job Bad for Your Marriage

We all know that work can put a strain on relationships, but which professions are most likely to lead to divorce?

Here are some of the worst offenders, as well as some general warning signs for bad work-relationship balance.

Which Jobs Hurt Marriages?

According to Business Insider, the top three professions most likely to divorce are dancers and choreographers, bartenders, and massage therapists. The study doesn’t indicate why these professions have high divorce rates, but other sources offer some explanations.

The Huffington Post points out five major reasons people consider divorce: cheating, dishonesty, addictions, abuse, and major changes in priorities. Meanwhile, according to Fast Company, dancers, choreographers, and bartenders would fall into some of the top professional groups to suffer from substance abuse issues. The irregular and often long hours of all these professions could also contribute to their high divorce rates.

Signs to Watch Out For, Regardless of Profession

Of course, we can’t be sure whether it’s the profession or the type of person drawn to it that is the culprit here. The work-related issues that lead to divorces can happen regardless of what you do for a living.

Here are some problems to keep an eye on:

  1. All about the job
    A job can cause problems if your partner is too wrapped up in work to focus on your home life together. Business Insider points out some of the warning signs, which include: having nothing to talk about with a spouse except work, a spouse having no energy after work to engage with their partner, and being late for or not attending personal events because of work.
  2. Taking out work stress on a spouse
    Bringing stress home and focusing it on a partner can have harmful effects on their psyche and the relationship. Venting is one thing; taking out frustrations on a partner when they are not even connected to the issue is another, and it’s a problem. Couples don’t always realize where the aggression is coming from, and if not addressed, it can create real at-home issues on top of the problems from work.
  3. Long and late hours
    Having time together is important, and sometimes long or late hours can leave people too tired to put the necessary energy into their relationships. Furthermore, while there could be a perfectly innocent explanation, a spouse’s claim to sudden changes in hours could also potentially be a sign of an extramarital affair–or lead to one. While not everyone is tempted to stray, working closely with an attractive coworker could sometimes lead to less than professional feelings.
  4. Changes in lifestyle due to workplace environment
    Some work environments can have profound effects on people’s attitudes and behaviours. Sometimes work environments can be unhealthy; from bars and clubs that may encourage a spouse to make risky decisions, to cut-throat office spaces that may encourage unethical acts. That’s not to say that all offices and bars are bad, but the wrong place can have a negative impact on a spouse’s worldview and on their relationship.

When Marriage No Longer Works

Ultimately, regardless of your spouse’s profession–or your own–if you are in a relationship that has become irreparably dysfunctional, staying together isn’t healthy. We’re here to help you go over your divorce options and determine the best way to proceed.

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