Discover The Secret to Not Losing Your Mind Before and After a Child Custody Battle

Discover The Secret to Not Losing Your Mind Before and After a Child Custody Battle

Child custody doesn’t always go as smoothly as anticipated. It’s just a fact of life. However, it typically ends up being easier when you keep a cool head during a heated child custody battle.

Please, consider the following tips. They’re provided here as a means to reduce your stress and pain during this difficult time.

Remember You Have Value

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are any less a parent than the mother or father that you are. A child benefits from the guidance, wisdom and love of both parents, regardless of whether or not the parents are together. Family attorney, Abraham Chaparian, says to “hold your head high and not diminish your role in the eyes of others.”

Know the Laws About Child Custody After Divorce

As your divorce progresses, many issues might come up that could cost you time and resources. Make sure you read up on the divorce laws for your area, especially concerning child custody and support. If you want to share in the parental duties, tell your attorney that you want to petition the court for joint custody.

Put Your Children’s Needs First

When determining child custody turns sour, it’s your child that pays the price. Don’t talk negatively about the other parent within earshot of your children. You wouldn’t want them to hear negative things about you.

You may not like your ex, but that shouldn’t affect your child’s opinions. recommends that it’s best to bite your tongue.

Stay Organized and Prepared

Lack of organization can be a major detriment to any case. Keeping track of everything that has happened and being ready for things to happen in the future will help your divorce proceedings go smoothly.

Keep Records of Everything

Before you and your spouse separate, get copies of any pertinent financial documents. If you have already separated, you should contact your financial institution and request copies of things like bank statements.

Also, make sure you keep a copy of everything you give to your attorney.

Join a Support Group

You are not alone. Take advantage of support and encouragement from others, whether it’s friends and family or an organization. You can reach out to places such as religious groups or divorce support groups to meet people that can help you.

If all of this proves to be hard to cope with, it might be wise to seek professional help, as well.

Knowledgeable attorneys, compassionate to your needs, are waiting to speak with you. With the proper representation on your side, there’s no need to be alone. Millions of parents survive child custody battles and you can too!

At Galbraith Family Law, we have an excellent team of staff and divorce lawyers in Newmarket, Barrie & Orillia to serve you. If you’re struggling with a difficult child custody battle, please contact us today to request a consultation.

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