The Best Online Divorce Quizzes: Which One is Best For You?

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Making the decision to divorce is never easy. Many therapists and counselors will be reluctant to urge you toward one conclusion or another.

Your friends and family will have their own biases. Making “pro” and “con” lists, while helpful, come with the difficult task of deciding how to weigh each attribute. Is her poor money management less important than your shared religious values? Is his tendency to flirt with your friends more important than his excellent parenting skills?

What you need is an impartial evaluating tool. Maybe something to tell you how likely you are to continue to have serious problems should you stay married. And a divorce questionnaire can be a great way to have a cold, hard look at the facts.

Like all tools, these quizzes are useful for a specific set of situations. If your spouse is abusing you or your children, what you need first is a safety plan. You can assess your options best when you don’t have to look over your shoulder.

A divorce questionnaire can’t tell you how to fix your marriage. Nor what legal options to pursue in your divorce proceedings. But they can be an essential decision making tool.

If you’re just starting to consider divorce, try the “Is Your Marriage in Trouble?” quiz, courtesy of Ladies’ Home Journal. It assesses issues relating to communication and how much you two value each others’ interests and goals.

If you’re still wondering, “Should I Divorce Him?”  the quiz on the aptly-named website will tell you what percentage of respondents chose each answer. The divorce questionnaire assess your:

-Sex life
-Parenting roles
-Respect each other’s goals and interests.

For those willing to do a bit of math, there’s the workability quiz on the Contemplating Divorce website. It assesses issues including mutual trust, respect and willingness to work on the marriage. It takes two to make a marriage work. If you and your spouse aren’t equally invested in the marriage, it can mean a rocky road ahead if you make any progress at all.

A divorce questionnaire can be helpful, but they do have their biases. These quizzes assume a heterosexual marriage. But resources for same-sex couples are becoming more available. Many assume a division of tasks based on conventional gender roles.

You may indeed be a couple where the woman expects to cook and the man expects to take out the trash. But many couples get on well with other arrangements. A divorce questionnaire can help point out trouble spots in your marriage, but they can’t do everything. These quizzes can’t decide for you whether your marriage should change or end– only you can do that.

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