Does Your Husband Have Poor Money Management Skills?

Differing perspectives on money management are one of the most common causes of divorce. Couples who’ve achieved financial harmony are more often successful, those who haven’t are more likely to get divorced. If you have concerns about the financial harmony of your own marriage, there are several key indicators that can help you better understand.

Credit Cards:

When banks want to analyze their customer’s credit worthiness one of the first places they look is at their credit card bills.  Credit cards are one of the most expensive ways to borrow money. People with good money management skills do everything possible to avoid ringing up high credit card balances, those with lesser skills are more likely to let max out their cards to the limit.

Misuse of Bank Overdrafts:

The secret about banks’ overdraft services is that they were never intended to be used as a line of credit, their purpose is to protect customers from the embarrassment and high service charges if they accidentally spend more than is in their account. People with good money management skills treat rarely invoke their overdraft service. If your husband uses your overdraft on a regular basis then it’s likely he’s in the need of a money management course.

Emergency Savings:

People who are skilled at managing their money understand the importance of saving money for a rainy day- financial advisors suggest it’s a good idea to save enough for six months of living expenses. Does your husband think it’s important to build up emergency savings? If not, it’s likely he doesn’t have good money management skills.

Bill Paying:

Tracking a person’s bill-paying habits is another important indicator banks use to judge their customer’s credit worthiness. Does your husband strive to pay the bills on time? Does he wait until your creditors send a final notice? Has he ever waited until the utilities were cut-off then scrambled to quickly pay the bill?

Calls from creditors and debt collectors:

Allowing an account to go into default is one of the worse things one can do for your credit record. People with quality money management skills do everything within their ability to make sure this never happens, people with poor quality skills will find themselves dodging their creditors and seeing debt collectors at their front door.


The first step to better money management is to make sure that you’ve developed a realistic budget. People who understand how much money is coming in and going out are rarely surprised by overdrafts and are able to pay their bills on time. Of course, developing a budget is only half of the battle, the other half is to make sure that you stick to it. What’s your husband’s approach to budgeting? Has he mapped out his money? When things are getting tight does he try to reduce unnecessary spending, or does he just throw it onto his credit card?


People with quality money management skills are highly aware of the need to save for their retirement. What’s your husband’s attitude, is he saving money for your future?

Are You Facing an Upcoming Divorce?

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