15 Essential Questions to ask When Hiring A Family Court Lawyer

15 Questions to ask When Hiring A Family Court Lawyer

Making the decision to hire a family court lawyer to protect you during divorce and separation is hard enough. But how do you decide who is the right lawyer for you?

Different lawyers have different strengths that cater to different types of divorce and separation. So the first step is to be clear in your mind ‘what is the outcome I’m looking for?’ Your highest priority may be to safeguard your time with your children, or maintain custody. It may be to protect your ability to care for your children by ensuring child support payments are made.

You’ll want to choose a family lawyer who has experience with cases similar to yours. You’ll also want to make sure your lawyer will listen to your wishes and respect your decisions. Asking some questions up front will help you to better judge.

Ask These Questions When Screening Family Court Lawyers.        15 Questions to ask When Hiring A Family Court Lawyer

Ask Questions About Going to Family Court

You should also approach family court with open eyes, understanding the alternatives to court, as well as the court process. For example, can you reach your desired outcome without a trial before a judge?

Your prospective lawyer should be able to give you the options that are before you. You can also ask how many cases they have had that have gone to trial to get a sense of their past experience.

Find Out About Fees

Have the conversation up front about how fees are calculated, and what a retainer covers. The cost factor may impact your decisions down the road.

Real knowledge of family law, as well as reaching an understanding with your family lawyer will have a significant impact on the outcome of your family court case.


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