What to Do When Your Spouse Wants to Leave For Good

advice on spouse leavingMarriage is quite difficult in many ways.  The first time that you and your spouse met, more than likely, was a time of happiness, lusty thoughts, and head in the clouds fun times. There are three stages of a romantic relationship:

  • Infatuation Stage
  • Adjustment Stage
  • Commitment Stage

These three romantic relationship stages are consistent with everyone who experiences the love and closeness of another human being.  In the beginning, the two of you are, for lack of better words, infatuated with each other, wanting to be around each other all the time, every day.

This is essentially what is known as the infatuation stage. Unfortunately, this love and affection can feel like it has worn away over a period of time.  Approximately between years three and fifteen, the relationship’s adjustment stage is in full swing.  This is where you and your spouse are and this is when you need to get advice on spouse leaving situations.

Divorce Rates in Canada

Though, advice on spouse leaving statistics may not be the first thing that pops into your head as something for which you feel you need to know at the moment, the facts and numbers may put what you are experiencing now in, somewhat, of a perspective.  Within the last 20 years, the provinces of Canada combined have seen approximately five million divorces over various reasons.

According to the reputable Canadian government statistics website, hrsdc.gc.ca, in a study held in the year 2008, researchers indicated that Canada, as a whole, holds a percentage rate for divorce at a slightly high rate of 40.2 percent.

Compared, though, to Europe, which holds the highest rate of divorce in the world, Canada is certainly at the lower end of the spectrum.  Belgium, for instance, stands at a staggering 60 percent divorce rate, which is the highest in the world, let alone just Europe.  South America and Africa stand as the places for marriages that last.  Another instance is South America’s Chile, which holds the record for the lowest rate of marriages ending in divorce at a rate of only three percent.

What You Should Do Now

If your marriage is sliding down a short rope, take hope in that things could certainly turn around over time, whether you two get back together, or go separate ways.  If children are involved, the process will be a bit more difficult than if none were involved, and this is okay.  The first thing that you should be doing right now is to consult legal advice on spouse leaving for good.  Though this is not the thing that you may be hoping for, it is best to be prepared for anything in these circumstances.  That means that you have to find an experienced and reliable lawyer to take your side of the case, even if there isn’t a case that exists, yet.

Having a reliable lawyer means doing your research and going through the motions to try to find the best individual or group that fits your personality and who understands your unique situation.

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